The founding of the new association Europe Calling e.V. is also accompanied by a new distribution of tasks for the newsletter:

In the future, Europe Calling e.V. and Sven Giegold will be jointly responsible and accountable for sending out the newsletter. This joint responsibility refers to the addresses of participants in the Europe Calling webinars.

  • Sven Giegold will transfer the data of the users to Europe Calling. Europe Calling e.V. will be responsible for the technical administration, including the sending of messages as well as the administration, maintenance and further development of the software used and thus also of the users’ data. In addition, Europe Calling e.V. will in future also be responsible for part of the content of the newsletter and will send out messages under sole or joint responsibility.
  • Sven Giegold will also take care of part of the content of the newsletter and will also send messages in sole or joint responsibility.
  • This division of responsibility makes it possible to ensure that the newsletter will continue to be sent out in the usual quality in the future. This is in the legitimate interest of both Sven Giegold and Europe Calling e.V. and ultimately also of all users (Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR) and justifies the processing of personal data required for this purpose.
  • Of course, this does not result in any disadvantage for the users. Users can declare all rights as data subjects – including revocation – both to the association and to Sven Giegold, whereby we ask you to primarily contact the association.
  • If you do not wish your data to be transmitted to Europe Calling e.V. for the above-mentioned purposes, we will give you the opportunity to object to the transmission. The transfer will take place on 1 February 2022.

Nothing will change for all other users. Sven Giegold remains the responsible person. Europe Calling e.V. will only take over the technical administration as a processor bound by instructions.

For more information on data processing, please see the privacy policy of Sven Giegold ( and Europe Calling e.V. (